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Many people going into a divorce think of it as an isolated process. But in most cases, divorce is actually a series of decisions, negotiations and steps that can be logistically and emotionally difficult. Depending on your family situation, you may also need help with child custody, child support, alimony and a variety of other issues.

When you hire Blake T. Okimoto, Attorney at Law, you are getting more than a divorce lawyer. You are hiring a highly experienced and versatile family law attorney.

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Yours, Mine And Ours: Property Division In Hawaii

Like many states, Hawaii follows the equitable distribution model in divorce. This means that joint assets, property and debts must be divided equitably between both spouses. Equitable does not always mean perfectly equal, however.

In general, most assets and debts acquired during the marriage will be considered part of the marital estate (jointly owned), even if they are in only one spouse’s name. Significant assets or debts acquired by one spouse prior to the marriage will often be considered separate.

While the above statements are good rules of thumb, they don’t apply in all scenarios. There is no substitute for case-specific advice, which you can get by contacting our firm.

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