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Divorce and child custody issues are not just inconveniences. They are major life events that can disrupt the balance of entire families. During times like these, it is especially difficult (and important) to avoid reactionary behavior and focus instead on making smart choices.

This approach is much easier with the help of an experienced family law attorney. When you hire Blake T. Okimoto, Attorney at Law, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Entrust Your Case To One Of Hawaii’s Premier Family Law Attorneys

Our attorney, Blake T. Okimoto, has been practicing family law for more than 40 years. His legal experience, combined with the fact that he is a lifelong Hawaii native, means that Mr. Okimoto is uniquely qualified to understand and resolve nearly any family law-related issues you may be facing.

A key to our firm’s success is versatility. We generally find that amicable negotiation produces the best results for our clients while minimizing stress and costs. To that end, Mr. Okimoto regularly represents clients in mediation and is also a certified mediator. But if the other party refuses to negotiate in good faith, we are equally prepared to present our case at trial. As a lawyer with significant trial and appellate experience, Mr. Okimoto is as comfortable in the courtroom as he is at the negotiating table.

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Located in Honolulu, Blake T. Okimoto, Attorney at Law, serves clients across the island of Oahu. To schedule an appointment or to discuss your case, call us at 808-943-8899. You can also fill out our secure online contact form.



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