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Child custody is often the most stressful aspect of divorce. The good news is that, while there will always be feelings of uncertainty and worry, the help of an experienced family law attorney can offer important peace of mind.

When you hire Blake T. Okimoto, Attorney at Law, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Our firm’s lawyer, Blake T. Okimoto, is a respected legal professional with more than four decades of experience in family law.

Below, we have provided some helpful information about the state’s custody and support practices. You can also call us at 808-943-8899.

How Does Child Custody Work In Hawaii?

Although custody decisions used to be one-sided for many years, that is no longer the case. Courts are required to make custody decisions in the best interests of children, and that often means keeping both parents involved in a child’s life.

Hawaii is in step with this national trend, and seems to be moving toward a joint custody model. In cases where one parent is designated as the primary caregiver, the other parent often has extensive visitation rights.

Child custody agreements can either be negotiated or litigated. Negotiated agreements tend to give both parents more control over the outcome and may be less stressful for all involved. Conversely, litigated custody decisions tend to be more expensive because they require the hiring of additional court-appointed professionals.

Two Types Of Child Custody

Parents don’t always realize that there are two types of custody: physical and legal. Physical refers to where children reside at any given time. Legal custody, however, refers to a parent’s decision-making authority on behalf of their minor children.

In many cases, parents will both retain legal custody, even if physical custody is not equal. This means that parents must consult with one another and make important child-rearing decisions together. This could include decisions about:

  • The child’s religious indoctrination
  • School placement
  • Medical care
  • Joining the military as a minor
  • Getting married as a minor

One of the biggest disruptions to shared custody is one parent’s decision to move to another state (especially here in Hawaii). Generally, this requires the permission of the other parent or court approval. Our firm regularly assists clients with asserting and defending against relocation requests.

grandmother and baby

Child Support In Hawaii

Continuing financial support is essential to the well-being of children after divorce. Child support is calculated according to a formula that considers many factors, including each parent’s earning capacity, costs of a child care, medical care and other necessary expenses.

At present, the minimum support amount is $78 per month. In cases where one or both parents earn a high income, the formula doesn’t always apply.

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